Pepino Torino 1884

Our story begins in 1884 when an artisanal gelato maker of Neapolitan origins, Domenico Pepino, decided to move north, more precisely, to Turin. In addition to bringing his family of ice creamers, he brought all the tools, molds and materials for producing and packaging his cold pastry specialties.

Within a few years, he opened an ice cream parlor. "Vera Gelateria Artigiana" - True Artisanal Gelato - served as the slogan, and it soon became the symbol of Turin's greatest cold pastry.

On June 17, 1916, Domenico Pepino sold the brand and manufacturing secrets, for the important sum of 10,000 lire, to Com. Giuseppe Feletti, already a well known and established industrial chocolate manufacturer, and his son in law Com. Giuseppe Cavagnino. The two entrepreneurs renewed the company and inaugurated a grand laboratory giving greater commercial strength. These improvements included adopting "dry ice" for product exportation and delivery - at the time very difficult to accomplish even for short distances. Thanks to this innovation the slogan "Gelato Pepino goes everywhere" was adopted.

By always maintaining high standards of quality, innovating, constantly renewing the product line, Gelati Pepino has received 4 Coats of Arms, making it the real gelato "Supplier of the Royal House": June 2, 1910 when it received the license from HRH Duke of Genoa. This was followed by a license on March 31, 1913 from HIH and R. Princess Laetitia of Savoy Napoleon Duchess of Aosta, on July 1, 1925 from HRH Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, Duke of Aosta, and on March 31, 1932 from HRH the Prince of Piedmont.

1939 was a pivotal year in the company's history. After a long period of experimentation and study, Gelati Pepino finally patented and marketed the first gelato in the world to be served on a stick covered by chocolate: Pinguino® - the Penguin - (Patent No. 58033). At that time, a Pinguino® cost 1 Lira – the same as the cinema. "With 2 Lire someone bought gelato and went to the movies."

The success of the Pinguino® remains incredible: the original recipe stands the test of time and the care put into producing the Pinguino® make it a gelato imitated all around the world.

After 5 generations, there has always been a member of the Cavagnino Family at the helm of the company - represented today by Edoardo Cavagnino, great-grandson of Giuseppe Cavagnino.


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