Pepino Torino 1884

As an enterprise existing over 125 years, Gelati Pepino has practiced various changes in packaging over the years. These include changes in number of product per pack, the substitution of wrapping machines, adjustments to new laws, as well as alterations from changing consumer tastes.

The Pinguino®

The History of
The Wrap

The typical product, the Pinguino®, was initially proposed in unmarked parchment paper bearing the logo, coats of arms and the words "Big Penguin", "Great Covered Penguin", "Small Penguin" or "Little Covered Penguin." Until the 1970s, it was produced in these variations as well as in a variety of flavors). Then, the market deemed that the only Pinguino® had to be the large covered variety, therefore the word "great" was eliminated.

When the opened packaging was forbidden by sanitary legislation and for that it has been sealed, a recognition problem developed for the product because the Pinguino® flavor where no longer evident at first sight. The problem was addressed by presenting different colored wrappers, based on flavor, and providing sale outlets a small plastic adhesive legend to attach the glass displays to provide for better recognition.

The public engaged the solution, but over time considerable difficulties emerged supply of parchment paper, which by that time once rarely used. As a result, once again it was decided to alter the wrapping to suit all market tastes by using a white background, the blue logo and the flavor written in plain sight in burgundy lettering.